Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock!  What do with my minutes until I scurry off to some other responsibility in my daily drudgery?

I suppose I can rabble on a word or two for a few minutes while I have this brief break in my day.  Ok, so now that I’m allowing myself a time-out to sit and “think about it”. No, I haven’t been a bad girl and need to sit and think about some bad deeds. I didn’t mean it like that! Besides, any naughtiness I’ve done this week are probably good ones that I should think about! 

What I meant is, I don’t really have a whole lot of inspiration or creative energy to put into words and can’t really think of something ramble worthy .  I guess that’s no surprise by the detour I’ve taken this week from my routine writing.

Although, in all fairness my wavering from another monotonous start of the week has been due to both my work and life load.  Seriously, not an excuse, I’ve been BUSY!  It’s only Wednesday and I feel completing drained. So, I’m just here trying to get with my personal program and hustle the rest of the week with some energy and good spirits!

The sunshine has helped! I’ve been able to take some time to get some stepping and mileage recorded. It feels good to breathe in fresh air and add to my regimen of some exercise.   Heck! The few miles I’ve logged this week makes me want to end the week with some sort of hike. Hmmm? Guess we’ll see?

Although, It’s way too much to ask of myself sitting on-top of this midweek hump to look out over into the horizon of tomorrow and the day after .  So, I’ll play it by ear and see where the winds of the weekend lead me.

In the meantime, only 7 or more so hours to squeeze in all that I can out of this day.  So, I’m going to see what sweetness I can get from it!  So, you all have a good night! 😉


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