A cup of here we go again..

I feel extremely fatigued, not to mention just overall lifeless! Ok, so that’s a bit dramatic. But seriously, I’m on day 2 of having no energy! Today’s foul mood has to be sponsored by no coffee having!

 Yup!  I have a suspicion that my lethargy it has to do with the self-induced torment of de-toxing once again off caffeine.

I don’t know why I do this to myself! Every time I go through this cycle of being a habitual power coffee drinker to a “I’m going to do my body better” non-coffee drinker,  I tell myself never again! But yet, here I am going through these sickening side effects!

It’s no joke that coffee is a drug!  If it weren’t I’m sure my body wouldn’t react in the way that it does when I step away from coffee press and don’t get my fill. I’m certainly not in my right mind either, when I angrily keep telling myself “screw it!”,”just drink it!”, Even though I know it’s not good for me.

That daily cup of here we fucking go again and that awakening pleasure of a perfectly brewed cup of java first thing in the morning, topped off with just the right amounts of creamy half & half and a spoonful full of sugar isn’t worth the 3-4 days’ worth of throbbing, nauseating headaches and sluggishly meandering my way through the day when I go without it.

Well, guess I’m going to suck it up and try my best to navigate through my coffee recovery.  In the meantime, I think my treatment calls for a Thai Iced Tea! TGIF tomorrow because I need some  R & R weekend therapy as well!


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