For those not blessed with a thigh gap…

Some days it’s a blessing and a curse to have an office with a view.  Especially days like this when I can look outside the window from my office chair and see the reflection of the sun bouncing off the parked cars drawing my attention to some sort of warm invite, not to mention the marque of the blue sky inviting me out too with its clear message of, “it’s just too nice outside to be inside”

If only I ruled my own world instead of be enslaved to it! I’d be the woman in charge calling it a half day and sending everyone home to enjoy  what looks like a high of 70’s with a chance of 80 degree weather! Yeah, maybe someday!  

But today, I’m confined to these prison walls on the inside looking out, ass planted and this thermostat reading a not as comfortable as I would like at 68.

Although, I suppose I’m lucky enough to have a job where I can get up and go and break away momentarily from the confinements of I owe and take midday freedom strolls. 

Which by the way, with the weather change and the onset of spring, not to mention my spring fever!  I have been taking advantage of sizable slices of fresh air and going for extended walks during my work day.

I may not be the man in charge enough to call it an early day, but I am grateful for my title which allows for some small extra benefits.   Such as this sizable office window and the extra few “manager” minutes spent without the worry of swiping a time-clock.

Yeah, I’ve been on such a roll these past couple weeks walking regularly, so today’s wrench in what has been my highlight in my day has me a bit annoyed. I suppose me sitting here glued to my desk and watching the half hour past and counting the hours left on 3 fingers is just an excuse.  But honestly, if it weren’t for this nearly paralyzing pain keeping me planted in my chair, I’d be out taking in every radiant ray of the day that I could possible absorb.

Although it’s not just the agony of another time of the month keeping me motionless today, if the truth be told, it’s the tiny rip and noticeable thinning of my jeans between my thighs that I just discovered! A subtle reminder how I’m not blessed with a thigh gap!  But on the other hand,  I guess it’s true what they say, “you’ll start to notice your weight loss efforts in your clothes!”

Unfortunately, mine is in the wear and tear of my thighs rubbing together in my pants! Anyways,  I’m afraid if I were to woman up and get past the discomfort and force myself into some kind of one foot in front of the other motion, that the friction between my legs would split my chinos wide open and have me telling myself ,”I told you so!”


So, instead I think the wiser choice is too  wait out this wave of cramps, double dose on the stash of Midol in my drawer and save myself from any kind of humiliating force of splitting a hole in my back side.

In the meantime, I’ll play it safe today and just do what time I have left clock watching until I’ve reached that obligatory point. 

I’ll enjoy the rest of this gorgeous day in my own way and on my own time while wearing some sort of full proof anti- ripping leisure wear later! 



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