No Shit Mr. Fitness Sherlock!

I noticed today after I got to work and made my first pee pit stop that I put my underwear on inside out.  Well, that’s no surprise being I killed myself with non-stop, trying to be super woman on a mission  activities  yesterday and ended the day only being able to sleep a couple of hours.

As a result, I’m seriously going through the motions of feeling extremely fatigued and not paying attention to dressing myself today is only part of my “just get me through this freaking work day mindset”

I’m lucky I didn’t put them on backwards too! Of course, if I had then I’d really be concerned since I imagine wearing a thong backwards would be pretty uncomfortable and being oblivious to the feeling would be a sure sign of losing my mind.

Speaking of uncomfortable, I put my baby chicks outside in the coop last night permanently. I hope it didn’t get too cold for my little feathered fur babies.  But it was time! I reached my breaking point yesterday when I went to clean out the stinky poopy brooder box from the hundredth time that three of them flew out and run amuck in the room. The little shit birds made a game of curse and chase them until I finally contained them.  After that little episode of when little adorable chicks turn to be a quick naughty handful of teenage flying house hens that was it!

But more selfishly, I also want my spare room aka home gym back to pleasant smelling, poop free, no pet zone!  So, out to weather the cold they went!  But not first without me buying a $45 heating pad for the coop. Yeah, I feel slightly guilty since they probably should’ve stayed indoors about another week, but  I’m sure that will pass once I’m able to start lifting weights again.

Yup!  You read it right! I’m starting over working out and training again! I hate to even type about it.  But like most things in my life, if I put it in black and white then maybe I’ll be more accountable to it. So here it is another attempt to start over spelled out!

Although, I’m not just talking about it,   I’ve already got a three week momentum going, which mostly has consisted of moderate daily  walking and doing trail stair runs outdoors! This by the way has kicked my cardio into another level and has really given my mind the extra push I needed to really get my body moving and too eating right.

But like that old fart on the stairs preached to us, (“us” being my daughter and me) as we were  huffing and puffing our way back to the top of our 5th time doing  150ft climb, ”you know where the battle is won?” Of course, my first inclination was to say, “Look here sporty just because I look like I fat ass now doesn’t mean I don’t know what I’m doing!” But I didn’t…I just paused for a second or two to slow my breathing down enough for him to blurt out “in the kitchen!”

“No shit Mr. Fitness Sherlock!”,  I know what I put in my mouth is just as important to working it!


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