Don’t bother people wearing headphones!

So, it’s been awhile since I took time to inscribing a vent or key stroking a two-cent opinion.  Yet, of all things to make a writing appearance I decide on this…

There a lot of annoyances that I have with going to the gym.  Hence, just one of the many reasons I built a home gym.   I won’t get into all of them here.  However, if there is one thing I can’t stand ….

It is when a staff member approaches me with a bunch of dumb questions! Especially when I have my earphones on, rocking out to some good old school tunes minding my own business. It’s the last thing I want when I’m zoned out in my own heavy breathing and sweat dripping rythym. 

Seriously, I’m here to get in and out and get er done! I’m certainly not here to be social or improve my fake smile and gab game.

So, when I get the extended hand shake while doing cardio. “Hi, I’m blah, blah”,” you look like a new face here?”, “What’s your goal?”, “Have you ever been to a gym before?”, “why did you join?”, “Have you received your complementary free training session?”

As if the integration and “new” member targeted interview wasn’t enough, this little twenty-something- two -pint had the nerve to ask me my age too!  WTF?  Since when was that OK to start asking? Or am I starting to show signs of that too!! Dear god! I don’t need this while I’m already trying to unfuck my mind of being here in the first place!

I dunno?  Ms. Thang, I know you just got your crash course trainers certificate and are eager to write something down on your clipboard, but did I look you in the eyes and ask you to come over and bother me during my last 5 minutes and up and down me?  Or did you just completely ignore the fact that I’m clearly trying not to hear anyone with my headphones on.

Did you not notice I’m trying to stay focused on getting through my own made up HIIT session here on this piece of cardio equipment?  Don’t I look like I know how to operate this elliptical?  It’s running right!?  I’m on it properly going at a decent speed. So why are you bothering me? Which by the way,  your standing in front of it and just completely screwed up the last few minutes I had!

I know I shouldn’t be so annoyed.  Anyone else would probably think that kind of nuisance was just a friendly staff member trying to be of service. And honestly, I think my irritation is more than just someone bothering me while I’m trying to work out. In shape or not, I’ve never liked it!  I wish my resting bitch face could send a silent message and be like…”leave me alone and don’t talk to me while I’m working out!” That goes for staff members, muscle headed douche bags and any other gym creepers.

Well, as much as I want to project my feelings into a simple rude interruption. I think it’s the obvious!  I know,  it’s the fact that I appear to be out of shape and an easy selling target for personal training.  I don’t blame her,  I know it! Years of experience and knowledge working in the field gives this Gym Jane the know-how.

Which only reiterates the obvious reasons to me in the first place as to why I’m back at it grinding away at the gym. Duh! Do I really need to answer that question?   Obviously, to tone up and get the 50lb of “Happily Mrs. Married” for the love of cooking and loving my home body life weight off!

But you see the way I feel about being approached like that, is kind of like a slap in the face and adding to my own guilt of how I got to this place where I’m at physically. Being approached in this sort of context makes me face my own realities even more, because  I know I’m not being approached for no reason at all.

Yeah, it kinda pisses me off and adds to my self induced frustration and anger for letting myself go as far (or as big) as I have.  I know I’m being approached because I “appear”on the surface to need help because my body image says I’m overweight and out of shape!

So yes I know, little does my body now scream to people or give the perception that I worked managing gyms for over 15 years and just over 5 years ago I was on the verge of figure competing.  Yes, even at my age. So, it’s not her fault.

I cant help but get extremely annoyed when asked “Have you ever been to a gym?”  Not only do I want to laugh at them, throw down a dumbbell, and say what’s really on my mind..

“Sweetie, please take your clip board, tape measure, fat caliper, and your 100 insulting questions and go strut off and help someone who is buying what you’re selling! Your not tricking me with the  “free complementary personal training session”  sales tactic used to get me alone to tell them how badly I need to pay hundreds of dollars to someone who is barely textbook educated on fitness.

I may not look like it now, But trust me!  I certainly know how to work out. I know what I need to do and how to get my groove back! Even if I’m old enough to be your mother!   Oh, and by the way, word of advice. Maybe, you shouldn’t bother people wearing headphones!




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