Hello, it’s me…

For blog less sakes! You poor neglected website of mine! You’re looking a little dated.  I know I need to give some attention here, defiantly needing some updating and fresh captivating words. Heck, even a tad smear of lip service and smack talk might light you up. But it would appear the “writer” part of me has taken a bit of a hiatus and can’t even manage all the hours in the day as it is. So, although out of site, not out of mind…

I sit here hymning and hawing over some sort of appropriate public inscribing inspiration to pick apart and make for some interesting typeset across the screen. Trust me; I painstakingly want to sing some praises and dance my fingers across this here keyboard to make my miraculous way out of mute mode.

However, the grappling over funnies, motivational, or inspirational, nonetheless analytical and passionate and all the other what’s and have not’s competing over my thoughts to get out and onto the sharing spotlight has left me paused with a blinking cursor and not knowing where to begin.

And like some repeating stuck in my head song lyric, this cursor keeps backing it up, backing it up, urgh again!  I came to author and get down, so let me begin!  But no my mind is working to the rhythm of “Hey Lady, put your hands in the air like you just don’t care!”

But really, I’m like “Hello, it’s me!” here in Cali dreaming of who I use to be. Yup,  It’s so typical of me to talk about myself, I’m sorry I hope that you’re all well. All I got is just a Hello from the outside.

At least I can say that today that I tried…


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