About the Mrs…

This  Mrs. is a bit witty, with a large dose of sarcasm comeback, and a good amount of spontaneous and playfulness.  Yes, that’s right I will see your sarcasm and raise you some sass!   I have found some people just don’t “get me” and I’m often misunderstood. Well, oh well,  that’s all I have to say about that part of me, at least for now.

I believe I have a wonderful sense of enjoying the little things in life. I do not take this gift of life too seriously. I fear if I do I may get wrapped up in the worries and stress of every day living, only to wake one day old and unhappy wondering where the years have gone. For me the purpose of life is to be happy.  If you are not happy (most of the time) then you are not truely living.

Although, like most females, I too have my moments of angst,  I can be out of control and a bit vocal.  So let this be a bit of a disclaimer, if you will? I’m pretty much unapologetic for being and expressing life as I see it, both in my reality and in my writing.  However,  I have on occasions gone on the walk of shame.   Usually completly unintentionally! Yet still cause and effect kicks me in the ass and puts me in my place.   Oh! I must also warn you,  I have open mouth insert foot syndrome at times. Although at it’s worst , I will put on my big girl panties and apologize.

Besides my big girl panties, I do wear many hats.  As the ring conductor of my own circus,  my two favorite hats to wear is the  Wifey and my Mama hat.  I often  perform encores  of  “What’s for Dinner?”and kind of pride myself on the applause I usually get from the crowd.  So, if another “cooking” blog bores you,  no worries, this is not another food blog! Heck, your in luck! it’s not some suburban mommy blog either! Anyways, I do get hungry  and have a large appetite! I will whip up things from time to time and they will be served hot and fresh!

Under the big top, I perform live acts married to wonderfully humble and “private” man. He adds so much to this wildly wacky and joyous life of mine.  I take lot of gratification in being his “Mrs” and sharing my life with him.

I’m a proud and loving mother of a beautiful grown daughter.  She has always given my life genuine purpose and meaning. She has grown up to be a good woman and for me that has been one of my biggest accomplishments. I’m also “MOM” to a rambunctious step- son. Although, he is not not of my flesh or of my bones, nor did he grow under my heart. But he is very much a big part of it and I consider him my own.  My feats of parenting require extreme love not based on DNA. There is no “step” in my vocabulary when it comes to my son. So besides, this prelude you will not see or hear me refer to him in that way. He simply is my son.

So what else can I add my  circular here?  I’m a mix bag of a hot nuttiness and a little spitfire!   I’m  passionate about writing and sharing my eclectic life as Mrs. Mulvihill. In the past I’ve mostly mainstreamed and performed acts of my life and thoughts privately (or not so private) under the sideshows aka social media’s elsewhere.  However,  I think the time has finally come for a proper place for me showcase my passions and my out-of- the box creativity to a different crowd.

This cabaret will showcase my juggling skills in my passion for writing,  photography, cooking, creating and well life!  So, come on in, take a seat!  The show is about to get started as I share my Mulvillustrious world with you.

Welcome !  The live showing of “Document My Life in a Tangible Way” is about to begin!

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  1. I’m down with that. Write more. Share more. Love more. Get more our of your passion.
    How could you lose. You have a plan. I’m impressed, and look forward to joining you again.

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